Microsoft Asked for my Feedback

I ordered a Microsoft laptop running Microsoft software directly from Microsoft for my daughter for Xmas.  After the laptop finally made it to my house (the day before Xmas) I received a request from MS to fill out a survey.  I did, but I guess they didn’t really want it.


What?  They asked for my opinion so I gave it.  Text below:

Xmas present for daughter in college
Looks generally good so far. I do like the way the keyboard attaches and detaches, the size, the light weight, and the battery life seems decent. Daughter has used it for drawing and a semi-replacement for her desktop machine which has a Wacom tablet and pen. The Bad Stuff: #1 Ordered direct from MS – they did not specify a signature required on shipping. UPS allegedly left it on our porch but we never got it. Microsoft first said UPS was at fault, then later lost my problem record and a new person said the MS policy is that I should contact the police in my city (yeah right, for something that was not yet in my possesion?) I called another person who had no idea about that particular policy and finally got some good help. After many more calls to MS and UPS (and almost a month), another laptop was shipped and sure enough, it was shipped *again* without a signature required, and left on the porch! What are they thinking? Luckily we were at home and got the replacement the day before Xmas. #2 Machine crashed multiple times (locked up, mouse won’t move, keyboard doesn’t do anything, need to hold power button down to restart) – all within an hour of first use. I am surprised MS can ship something in this condition. Of course all it needed was Win 10 updates, but obtaining and applying those was difficult because of additional lockups during that process. Turns out disconnecting the keyboard seemed to prevent lockups, so that helped while getting the updates. After updates were applied, no more lockups. So far so good.

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