Wiring an RJ45 Ethernet Socket

My daughter has been complaining that the WiFi connection to her room is slow when she plays games on the internet.  We can’t have that, she must win at all costs.  As a quick test I took a 50 foot ethernet cable and hard-wired her PC to the router.  Works much better she says, but now we’re tripping over a 50 foot ethernet cable.

I offered to put a socket in her room if she would be the one to crawl under the house.  She said ok.  So I bought a 100 foot ethernet cable with plugs on both ends, and some of the little plug boxes that fit down low on the baseboard.  That way, all I need to do is to drill one hole in the wood floor near the baseboard, she sends the wire up, and we connect it up.  The cable going down is from my office area, where I’ll simply drill another hole.  Actually, the plan is to have 2 cables and 2 jacks, one for each bedroom in that area.

So I cut the 100 foot cable in half, and now I have two cables each with a plug already installed.  That way I don’t need to buy one of those crimping tools.  As a test before going under the house, I stripped the ends of the 8 wires coming out of the cable and connected them to one of the wall jacks following a wiring diagram I found using Google.  Then I used a short ethernet cable to connect the whole thing to a laptop and…  nothing.  It didn’t work and no lights lit up on my 8-port ethernet switch.  So I found a different wiring diagram on Google and… nothing.

I looked for many minutes and could not find any other wiring diagrams for this simple little ethernet box.  So I started looking closely at the wires on the plug, marking down colors and checking things with an ohmmeter.  I came up with this:


And that worked first time.  So I thought I’d include the diagram here in case anyone else has such wiring to do.

RJ45 Surface Mount Boxes from www.showmecables.com… $1.26 each.
100 foot CAT6 cable with plugs on both ends… $26.34
Getting my daughter to crawl under the house…  Priceless

4 thoughts on “Wiring an RJ45 Ethernet Socket

  1. Thank you so much for your post.
    We’ve been having such a dificult time with our ethernet socket and you literally saved us.
    Thank you again !

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